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Hive Spyrer Patriarch - Bragi, of the house Stuhn

I present Bragi Night-Sayer, Head of the house Stuhn, highest of the houses of Hive Volantis.

Bragi on the outside is a very powerful house noble, a house with very close ties to the local mechanicum and an industrious background. Inwardly however, Bragi is a deviant of the highest order. He has a voracious appetite for knowledge, for knowledge is power. Bragi's thirst for knowledge inevitably led him to the study of the more arcane and forbidden texts, unable to satiate his appetites quick enough, he injected himself with the meme virus and is now quite mad.

Bragi often leads expeditions on and off planet in search of knowledge, rarities and artefacts. It was on one such expedition to the sumps of Hive Volantis that he had a fateful encounter with a volantian beast, an urban legend made real. The beast bested him and took his legs before his huscarls could drag him to safety and escape the area. Whilst recovering he commissioned himself a specialised hunting rig, the order given…

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