Enter the Interrogator......

Interrogator Borgvald;
A conceited, arrogant individual who walks with a purposeful stride.

Kalervo Borgvald was originally born into a wealthy merchant family and through his youth dreamed of travelling the stars like his parents, not for wealth, but for adventure. A member of the Ordo Xenos and interrogator to Lord Inquisitor Blomkamp, a wickedly intelligent individual who believes that the best way to kill your enemy is to use their own weapons against them. Kalervo adheres to Blomkamps doctrines strictly and agrees completely with his philosophies, he has always been fascinated by Xeno Tech, fascinated to the point where obsessed is starting to become more of an appropriate description.

Some time ago Inquisitor Blomkamp had learned of the existence of a powerful Xeno weapon called The Arche Spear, it is said that the weapon belonged to an ancient civilisation believed to have inhabited a solar system somewhere in the obscurus sector, they were known as The Progenitors, a race of mythical demi gods long since consigned to the annals of history, thought to have been swallowed up by the old gods in some cataclysmic extinction event. Blomkamp had come by an old tome called The Book of The Progenitor at one of the Archeo and Xeno Tech markets that he regularly frequented. During intense study the book slowly started to reveal hidden passages and ciphers, this is where he learned of the artefact and the book appears to be pointing to a location that the Progenitors could have hidden the fabled weapon prior to their downfall. It is possible that the weapon still exists, it is imperative that the weapon is found and put to use against enemies of the Imperium.

Borgvald is always accompanied by his cyber hound, Vernik. A loyal and deadly companion he has saved the interrogators life on more the one occasion, he has a sixth sense for danger and always alerts Borgvald to potential threats.


  1. This is a sensational duo mate, I really like them :) I've already mentioned I liked the hound on Warseer but I really think Borgvald matches and then some.

  2. Thanks, it was a fun model to paint.


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