My Entry into the Dakka Monthly Painting competition.....

This is my entry into the Dakka forum monthly painting contest ( ), two bounty hunters or warrant officers (depending where the money is at the time).

Atticus and Menos, born and raised on Terra, they were once officers from a local hive enforcement precinct, policing one of the multitude of sprawling and decaying sumps. The place was rotting from the inside out and populated by filth, anarchy and corruption ruled. They would often perform 'odd jobs' for some of the local gang leaders in exchange for a little extra Throne Geld to supplement their meager pay packets. Quickly it became apparent that they were in the wrong business and soon found their way to the bounty recent hunters guild. After a few years they had scraped together enough Geld to buy a battered old Militarum Valkyrie at an ex combat vehicle auction, retro fitted it for short range void travel with additional heat shielding and a thermo shield generator. Now they travel the Imperium on chartered rogue trader vessels taking the sort of jobs most sane hunters wouldn't touch with a kroots finger never mind their own, one day they will have their own long range void ship, at least that is the dream anyway.

A close up of Menos' antiquated Auto Gun;

B.Czevak, =][=


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