Welcome to The black Library

This blog will aim to chart my progress in the hobby of Warhammer 40k and it's associated universe. Mostly it will concentrate on the painting and modelling aspect of the hobby but, hopefully, it will once in a while host the odd battle report along the way. Most of my interest lies with the Imperial factions, most notably the feared Inquisition and it's myriad agents. The inquisition has the most characterful aspect of the hobby (my personal opinion anyway) however there are some great new miniatures in the pipeline if the rumours are to be believed, the Mechanicus has just had its first wave of official plastics released so it's a good sign that the 40k universe is heading back in the right direction, back to its roots with lots of smaller, but ultimately more interesting armies on the horizon. You never know, they may even release something to tempt me away from the glorious corpse emperor (personally I'm hoping the rumours of a Genestealer cult book are true, no matter how far off!) that's it from me for now, I will get to posting some of my works in due course.

B.Czevak, =][=


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