Zarkov Kasky, Rogue Psyker...

Late night hobby sessions usually bear the best fruit, in my experience anyway.

Tonight I set about recreating in miniature form one of my Dark Heresy player characters, the infamous Zarkov Kasky. Originally Zarkov was a void born latent psyker, picked up on a routine sweep he was incarcerated on a foreboding inquisitorial black ship. Weeks, months and years passed aboard the terrifying craft, plagued by horrors and nightmares Zarkov underwent the soul-binding process. Eventually he emerged, he had been proven aboard the ship, but it had left its mark. After undergoing basic combat training he crossed paths with Inquisitor Corvidae, a suspicious and secretive individual he indentured Zarkov into his employ.

Corvidae had spent many years and a mass of resources hunting a secretive and heretical organisation known as 'The Serrated Query' Zarkov found himself now bound within this quest, he had also found that his harrowing experiences of the soul-barring process had left him scarred.

Zarkov began to go quietly insane, privately at first, he had contained his afflictions. Eventually they began to surface for all to see, he became reckless and powerful, he became something to be feared. Corvidae, realising his value and potential had turned a blind eye as long as it furthered his righteous quest to destroy The Query. Like all things however, this had to come to an end. Kasky eventually found himself outlawed and renegade, he was captured and tortured, they tried to make him repent his sins against the corpse emperor. Through it all he did not utter a single word, he just smiled his sickly grin, he had endured a black ship, how could they possibly think they could do anything worse the fools.

Fortune has smiled upon the void born witch, somebody has released him....


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