Kasky and Raine

I have finished Kasky and Raine, released from their imprisonment by Borgvald to aid in his quest for the Arche Spear, Kasky is a moderately powerful rogue psyker. Once in the employ of Inquisitor Corvidae, he was allowed to grow unfettered and powerful, slowly turning insane. Corvidae covered his deviancy for as long as he could but before long it came too much to the fore and he was hunted down and captured. Borgvald needing a powerful mind with comprehensive knowledge of the forbidden sought him out. A covert operation was launched and the psyker was retrieved along with some unexpected baggage, the extraction method was high ex mounted to the exterior cell walls, it blew Raines cell also. Raine, once a naval rating (imprisoned for braining a fellow rating who tried to cheat him at cards)  proved invaluable to the exit strategy was allowed to accompany the cell off world and is now a fledgling member.

Seeing the pictures now I feel I rushed the paint jobs, I could have done better but I'm happy with them.


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