Battles in the Underhive......

 So I have managed a couple of games over the past two weeks, no chance to give a full battle report as yet, we were to busy concentrating to remember all of the different rules. I did get a few pictures from yesterday's game shown below however. The first battle was an un ceremonious defeat for Brogvald (I was protecting my precious water vane) resulting in a dead plasma gunner and a captive Raine. The game after they faired much better, mounting a daring hostage rescue, my gaming buddy managed to roll a very low 2 sentries which meant my gangers managed to stealthily free Raine without even sounding the alarm, a nice win for me. The third game we played (a straight up gang fight) saw me with a seriously undermanned gang, yet another defeat and another captive ganger! It seems Borgvald is the unluckiest interrogator in the world!

Borgvald sizes up his opponent, who quickly sends him out of action!!

Raine moves upto the centre of the settlement area

I'm going to get going on more terrain soon, whilst I have made a few pieces we still need more to give that built up underhive feel and create that underhive atmosphere. 


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