Building the Underhive, the wastes of Necromunda

Ok, not much painting lately but I have been doing hobby related things. I have started putting together some terrain for our games of =][=Munda and inq28. I started with an imperial sector box but after putting it all together, it did not go very far! I took it apart, got hold of some foamcore and embossed plasticard and started again. I have tried to make it so that the pieces have a bit of character and so that the interiors are accessible to make them fully functional (who wants a building that you can't actually put your miniatures inside?!) I have a few more bits planned and I have also ordered some mdf laser cut small terrain pieces, if they are any good then I will go ahead and order some of the bigger pieces, expect a review of said pieces on due course. Once everything is painted I will add some of the posters and signs which I downloaded from the yaktribe forum, fantastic for adding that finishing touch.

If anyone is interested in how to make terrain from foamcore there are many great tutorials dotted around the web. Well worth taking the time to learn and make that expensive Warhammer scenery go a lot further and look a lot more interesting! 


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