Coming soon, a God amongst men (but he's not a God really)

I have been quiet of late, with the weather being quite hot (for the uk at any rate) I have not had the motivation to paint. That should change rather soon however, I have a few pieces on my work bench to do and I have just got myself a proper display cabinet at last. To celebrate I ordered something special to paint up as a centre piece for it, I just pre ordered the awesome new celestial knight from Kabuki, limited to 100 for the pre order, I think there are 17 left at the time of writing; look out for this gracing my blog in the near future. If you want to check it out, go to

I'm quite excited to say the least, I think this is possibly the best 3rd party emperor miniature we are going to see before Forgeworld get round to him, at 40 euro too, it's a bargain! 


  1. Still can't cope the hand 😂😂

  2. Check out the painted version, it looks a lot better, plus it represents an Eagles talon which itself has three claws at the front and the one at the back 😁 I just think you have some sort of irrational fear going on here lol!


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