An Impromptu Visit To Warhammer World!

Well, we had an impromptu visit to Warhammer World today, it was fantastic to see all of the exhibits and HUGE displays! I managed to pick up Zardu Layak whilst I was there (I'm not allowed it until my birthday though!) so look out for that at some point. I highly recommend a visit if you have the time, be prepared to spend all day though to take it all in. Here are just a few of the pictures I got. (The food at Bugmans was very good too, I had The Dragons Hoard platter!)

An absolute favorite, I remember this fondly when it was first published all of those moons ago!

My son for scale (Who was obsessed with the giant spiders!)

Marneus facing off against a Bloodthirster!

I have a lot of close ups as well, too many to post, if anyone wants anything in particular though, just ask!


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