Necromunda Underhive Terrain

Well, I have finally completed the first batch of terrain, I am really happy with the result.

I think the painting process with these compared with miniatures was really fun, no finesse, just splashes of colour and wash here and there.

All in all I think there is only a third of the imperial sector box within these pieces, with plenty more to come out of the box. If you use your imagination a little you can make the contents stretch quite far!

I think the toxic sludge pond is possibly my favourite piece, what is an underhive without a toxic sludge pond! 


  1. You've made this look next level man, love the toxic sludge. Even if it does make me feel a little ill looking at it haha.

    1. Lol, I always wanted a toxic sludge pit, they always had one in the second edition battle reports in wd! I think the fact that it makes you a little I'll means I have achieved the look desired lol!


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