Warhammer World Monday

Seeing as I took an insane amount of pictures on my WW visit, I decided to doña weekly article focussing on one board a week with extra pictures.

Today's first post will not be a 40k board, but the awesome age of sigmar display, enjoy! 

There is so much detail on this board and so much going on, the guys that worked on it did an incredible job! You have to see it in person to appreciate it, the pictures don't do it justice.


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    1. It was, I wasn't expecting the scale of all of the boards they had created, there are some good ones to come!

  2. Fantastic. I saw this myself not but 7 weeks ago. Amazing board. Great pictures, mate.

  3. Cheers, I would have taken more but my battery was nearly dead, I got a bit snap happy 😊


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