Underhive Cultists WIP

An early stage WIP of some Underhive Cultists. The idea is that they have been mo img unseen in the sumps and lower levels of the hive. They have been swollen in size with energies of the immaterium and at this stage, are fearsome opponents. Slowly they are making there way back into the mainstream areas of the hive to bring their words of the true pantheon and the path of blood. Any ranged weapons, I intend to make look tatty and neglected, maybe with the exception of the bionic heavy stunner arm, this gang favours close combat. The main method of doing this will be tatty bandages on barrels and stocks. Armour plating is yet to be decided, I'm thinking chequers and hazard stripes, with rust and blood? The gang itself will probably number 5/6 members with some sort of withered preist character as the leader, the one who communes directly with the pantheon and the puller of strings. 

There is more work to do on these before they are ready for primer, these are an early WIP.

Something else I have been whittling away at, some sort of abhuman heavy:

I'll probably do a 2015 in review at some point, but that's all for now.


  1. Awesome builds, man - tons of character to 'em. Can't wait to see more!

    1. Thanks, I'm hoping to make some more progress on them tonight!


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