Hail Hydra! Alpha Legion Incoming....

So, recently I purchased Betrayal At Calth. The set is fantastic and I'm sorry I didn't take the plunge sooner. I have decided to move away from my favoured 1st legion and as the title suggests, I have sided with the enigmatic 20th. The Alpha Legion have such a mysterious and alluring background, they were an easy choice. Maybe one day I will share my crazy conspiracy theory about them. For now, a quick tester preview of the colour scheme. I don't own an airbrush sink have had to find a way to mimic forgeworlds awesome metallic scheme by brush. A quick basecoat with GW Leadbelcher spray, which is awesome! And some washes later, I have a green/blue I'm happy with. Very wip but it's an idea of where they will end up.


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