The Emperor of Mankind - Complete

The Emperor has returned, I have finished the Celestial Knight miniature. I'm stoked at how it came out, I tried a new technique with the nmm and I'm happy with the results for a first try, probably shouldn't have tried it on this but hey ho! I got the sword to a point I'm happy with as well (pun intended :D) He is now taking pride of place in my cabinet, ready to lead a primarch and a legion. The legion in question that I have chosen is the enigmatic and elusive Alpha Legion. I picked up the Calth box and after some deliberation, decided not to go with long time favourites, Dark Angels. Once I have pieced together the first combat squad, I'll post some pictures up.


  1. That turned out looking fantastic! Beautiful work, man!

    1. Thanks! I'm very happy with it, he is now sitting pride of place in my cabinet :D


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