A new gaming board

things are afoot, I am gathering all the pieces to build a new modular gaming board. I plan to mirror the style of forgeworld tiles, in so much as I will build in raised plinths for the buildings to sit on. I'm planning on an outpost style board, a mix of industrial, residential and shanty properties. I also plan to make a landing pad and to include canal style cut outs or channels, to give more of a multi level feel. Making this table on the cheap is going to be the main focus, I plan on spending less than £100 for the whole table, including paint! So far my spend is up to £30, that includes 5 cans of desert tan spray and 25 polystyrene sheets off eBay at 600mm X 400m each. Not a bad start I think. If you have any ideas of what to include then let me know, the more interesting, the better!

I'm going to sandwich 2 together at a time so that I can add some depth and channels etc.


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