Book Signing with Dan Abnett & The Miniatures Museum

Well, today was good fun. I managed to meet Dan and get my copy of the Ravenor omnibus signed which was cool. Unfortunately I did not have a picture taken with him, my social awkwardness stopped me from asking (at 33 you would think I could get over stuff like that by now! Lol) I did manage to speak a few words however, I mentioned that Frauker was my favourite character from the books and he shared the same view, which is cool. He also mentioned that he is keen to return to the Inquisitor novels but the publisher want more Heresy stuff at the moment so it is still in the back burner until further notice!

They have added a couple of new things since I was there last year, the most impressive addition is the Tau vs Mechanicum board. I got a fair few photos of this and some other bits which I will share at a later date, unless you want to see more sooner, let me know. Teaser of the board below.

It's a huge L shape layout, I have quite a few close ups and there are lots of cool little details which become apparent the closer you stare at it, something which they are extremely good at, the little details.


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