If you wanna be in my gang.... Chaos cultists for Necromunda.

I finally finished the first batch of chaos cultists. Very happy with how they turned out. They also have an affiliate, a dark mechanicum collector, who is yellow and known as the collector (who says you have to wear black to be dark!) Essentially he scours the hive collecting biological and technological specimens. I have a few more additions planned for this gang, they have seen a couple of games now and I think a flamer trooper is needed!


  1. Those are fantastic! Beautiful conversions and paint job - nice work, man!

  2. Cool bunch on miscreants, what else do you plane on adding to this brut squad? Are they chaos undivided? One cell of many other cults working for a common goal?

    1. Thanks Moody. These guys are Khorne all the way, very aggressive on the battlefield. Then Hive Pyrer Patriarch I made a short while ago is their silent benefactor, directing from the shadows but making an appearance where necessary. As for additions, I'm currently painting 3 Daemon hounds of Xaphan who will be a part of this gang.

  3. Love how you did the yellow...any tips? Am thinking of using that colour for Cawdor when they are released


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