Battlefield in a day (ish) part 4 - As complete as it will get for now!

well, the spray took longer than expected to dry so I didn't get time to start washing it or pick out the details prior to this afternoons game but I will come back to it at a later time. I have put on some of my existing terrain which was painted using the same method so you can see how much it will darken up.

I'm thinking of picking the bridges out in an oxide red colour and then weathering/chipping over the top. I also included a little Lumyer video I was messing around with.



  1. hey stupid question, that you properly answered somewhere, but I just cant find it. what are these plastic walkways, and where can I get them

    1. Hi, they are just plastic under gravel filters for fish tanks. You can get them really cheap on EBay for a decent qty. 👍🏼

    2. jea I found them and just got me a life worth of them. THX for this amazing idea

    3. No problem, glad I could help. 👍🏼


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