Battlefield in a day (ish) part 1

I've set myself a challenge to build a new game board in just one day! Madness I say!

The board itself is relatively low cost, less than £40 all in and I hope that it will be visually pleasing. It will be primarily used for inq28/Necromunda. With this in mind I have tried to create plenty of different levels and gantry ways. I have left some large flat areas so that I can use it with my existing buildings.

I have posted the first set of pictures, this is a couple of hours work and very early wip. By the end of the day I hope to have it in a state where I can spray it up in the morning, in time for a game in the afternoon. There was no pre drawn plan or anything, just an idea which i just decided to jump into balls deep!

First pics, initial layout:

Next pics, current state, again still wip and needs surfacing. I've only used half of the polystyrene boards which I got for £20 on eBay!


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