Inquisitor Khorff - Wytch seeker & Daemon Hunter

Korhff Ember Hand - wytch hunter, anathema of the daemon, hunted by his own kind.

Khorff is a little spoken, secretive character. He has dedicated his service to the emperor hunting wytches and daemons, drawing the shadowy figure that whispers revolt or rage into the ears of the innocent and destroying utterly. Khorff has been privy to many obscure, arcane and heretical artefacts. He catalogues them, collects them and now uses them in the emperors name.

Antique and master crafted, his artificer armour is a thing of beauty, adorned over time with specific hexagrammic wards stolen from the texts he has acquired, protection from the whispering words of the vile creatures he hunts. Considered a traitor for his use of the forbidden, he constantly looks two steps ahead, and one behind. The enemy is everywhere.

Bonus points if anyone can tell me what inspired the colour scheme!


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