The Compound - Game Board Tile 2

I finished up the second tile today, this ones a bit busier than the first. A good compound or chop shop. I theorise that some enterprising hive scum stumbled upon a burnt out ruin one day, cleared out the debris and built a shed. Ideally situated next to a prime generator hub and the ruined balcony serving as a good guard post, it's a well fortified stash house.

I put it together with the first tile just to get an idea of what the full set might look like.


  1. I really like these, they have a great feel to them.
    I'm currently looking into designing my own tiles and want something that will work for both Necromunda/Shadow War Armageddon and regular 40k, these seem perfect for both systems.
    Can I ask what size these are?
    I'll be popping by to keep an eye your progress, thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Castigator. They are 600x400x25mm packing sheets, £20 for 25 on eBay. I still have a lot left to make extra sections with. I sandwiched 3 together for each tile (cutting the various channels before glueing) I also bought a hot wire cutter table from eBay for £30, a pretty essential purchase in hindsight as cutting these without one would have been a nightmare!

      Any other questions, just ask.


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