The Pilgrym Road - Game Board Tile

ok, so after my battlefield in a day posts, I went back and started to further work on the tiles. I wanted them to be much more involved than they were, I may have got carried away!

The first tile is entitled, The Pilgrym Road, in a nod to the Pilgrym project. Inspired by the awesome board created for the event, specifically the steps, I wanted to do something similar. The steps lead to an abandoned and ruined church entrance, a good starting place for any adventure. The heroes could start out the mission walking through the door and down the steps?

For the painting I wanted to keep it similar to my other terrain, not too bright and involved that it detracts from the miniatures. I also wanted to keep it dirty & derelict.

I had a play around with photoshop too, not amazing but not bad for a beginner.

The second tile has already been started and I hope to show progress soon. Enjoy.


  1. Nice levels and Nice and grim. How many boards do you plan on

    1. Thanks. I have 4 in total from the original project but I'm thinking of adding some smaller 'gap filler' boards as well to mix it up a little.


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