Game Board WIP, new tiles & progress on Hive Volantis!

Work has been hectic this last month so hobby time has been limited. Now it is easing up however, I have more time to spend getting the last couple of tiles ready and this lowly sump sector of Hive Volantis is really taking shape. I have already started paint on three of the primered boards you see here, these should be done by the weekend leaving just the gate board to finish.

I have been painting terrain for a while now so it will be nice to get back to painting gangers soon.


  1. That looks great!
    I'm aiming for a 4'x4' table and I'll be stealing some ideas for this.....I've already bought the water pump filter trays for walkways that you recommended ;-)

    1. Awesome, the filter trays are perfect for catwalks! I can't quite fit 4x4 on my dining table, it's more like 5x3ish.


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