Making 28mm wargames ladders

I thought I would share with you a quick tutorial. With Shadow war coming out and an already established base of Necromunda gamers, ladders are probably going to be the in thing! The problem with ladders is, unless you get them with a kit (and they usually don't supply enough even then!) you are going to pay through the nose to buy some individually (I know, I've looked!)

I decided to make my own. The method is extremely quick and simple.

You will need:

1 pack of 1/8" .125 (3.2mm) I-Beam's
1 pack of 3/64" .047 Dia. (1.2mm) Rod's
Super Glue
Hobby Knife (Sharp)

The method:

Simply cut two equal lengths of I-Beam, cut a few pieces of your Rod into lengths equal to the width of the gap inbeteeen your I-Beam's (I found using your cutting mat and some blu-tac as a guide works a treat). I set mine quite wide, but you can put the beams closer together for a thinner width ladder.

Next, run a bead of super glue up each Beam and then put your ladder rungs on top.

Wait for it to dry and hey presto, nice and easy ladders for all!

Hope this helps you out as it did me, I'm just too cheap to spend good money on ladders. You should get approximately 8-12 decent length ladders out of these two packets (that's ladders that will go 2-3 stories high!) if you only need one story ladders then you will probably get about 20!


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