Rogue Trader Lander - The Nemesis - Complete

The Rogue Trader Lander (The Nemesis) is now complete.

For this one I wanted to try out Oil Weathering for the first time, I think it was a successful first try and I really like the affect of the oils, they definitely changed the overall tone of the ship and it is something I will be trying again in the future. (*Check out my previous post for a link to the tutorial I followed)

For the most part this will be used as a scenery piece but it is tooled up to be usable as a Valkyrie if I get the opportunity!

The main access hatch. I used a white and red hazard pattern as an alternative to traditional yellow & black hazard lines (Which would have been completely lost in the main colour)

The pilot of the Nemesis (Who can be found elsewhere on this blog, Zeph Malik) has decorated the front of the craft with stylized eyes, an ancient Terran custom in an effort to ward of bad luck.

The Gellar Field and Void Shield generator station


  1. I really dig how that turned out, man - Awesome work!

  2. Very cool!
    Are all of its guns internally mounted?

    1. Thanks, there is a lasconnon mounted on the outside at the front and it has missile pods under the wing sections.

    2. Ok found the las Cannon at least. Still very cool.


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