Rogue Trader Lander - WIP 2 - Oil & Gunk Wash

Hi guys,

Time for another update. Last night I made my first ever attempt at an oil gunk wash. It turned out pretty successfully I think, I got the look I was after, dirty old rust bucket!

Having never done an oil wash before, I looted YouTube to try and find a good tutorial. The only one I could find with the type of wash I wanted did the trick, link posted below:

Oil & Gunk Wash Tutorial

I have to admit, I did have a bit of a wtf am I doing moment, you will see in the pictures below! Next up when this has dried will be a little more weathering, a filter wash and pin lining, and then I think I knight be done?

Before shot:

Then my WTF moment:

And then the outcome of all that oil washing. Let me tell you as well, this took about 2 hours! It's not a quick job.


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