The Alpha - A Mini Inquisimunda Campaign - Game 1

Last Friday I had Ebon Hammer & Corvus Corax from the bunker over for a game. This was my first opportunity to try my hand at GM'ing a game. I set about coming up with an easy to run mini campaign, comprised of 3 scenario's.

I will be doing a write up of each scenario, this being the first. The other two will follow during the week.

An in game shot, featuring non other than Corvus' head (And bald spot☺)

The campaign I came up with was centred around locating & securing a feral 'Alpha Level Psyker'. The first game would be the chase to locate the Psyker, the second would be to make preparations for extraction & the third would be to protect the Psyker whilst the transit craft was being prepared.

I will be the first to admit that during the game, I could have done more to flesh out the story and include more dialogue. Its all good experience however and I am already formulating my next campaign (Which will hopefully reference back to this one for a bit of continuation). Enough prattle from me, on to the first game.

The Setting:

Hive Volantis - The Hive is located on Volantis Prime, a backwater planet situated in the Calixis Sector. Once a prosperous and industrious Forge Hive, it's fortunes have waned of late. The Hive and by extension, the planet, are governed by the ruling Spyre Household of Stuhn who have a long lineage which pre dates even the great heresy of the Warmaster.

Hive Volantis has grown over the centuries, each successive generation and Patriarch building on top of the accomplishments of the last. Each successive layer abandoning yet another sector at the bottom of the Spyre. The lower regions of the Hive are a rabbit warren of filth, decay and insidiousness, rife with crime and heresy as lowly Hivers attempt to earn enough Geld to climb up and out of the Sump.

Game 1 - Locate The Alpha

The Mission - The objective for both teams was to locate and escort the Alpha Psyker back to their respective safe houses (Or table edges). Each team had access to an Alpha Wave Tracker which would be used at the beginning of each of their turns by rolling a d20 and consulting the GM (Who would in turn check his table of doom!) Depending on the result they would either get a ping location for an Alpha creature, be subjected to some warp manifested mishap, have nothing happen or on a nat20, reveal the Psyker on the table. A ping does not necessarily mean a Psyker, there are other denizens and creatures within the sump which emit Alpha Waves!

The Gangs -

(Radical) Cell Iga - (L to R) - Master Nasu Ikono, Hebden, Kamui Iga, Junko & Hanzo

(Puritan) Cell Skarn - (L to R) Devinicus, Lorexia, Skarn, Nebo & Slab

The Turns

Both sides rolled for initiative to start, Ebon Hammer won the roll and chose to move Cell Skarn forward in search of the Alpha, his first tracker result rewarded him with a ping location to head towards. Similarly, Corvus' first result gave him a ping location to investigate.

Ebon's second turn yielded no fresh data as this time his device returned no results, leaving him to ponder his next move.

Skarn leads his cell forward to investigate.

After moving forward cautiously, Corvus consulted the tracker and rolled for the result, rather unfortunately his tracker attracted some unwanted attention. A creature of the Warp manifested itself behind Yasu and quickly killed him, leaving Cell Iga a man down.

Ebon, after consulting his tracker, moved his cell further forward to investigate yet another location ping, this time attracting a Warp Beast themselves! Ebon managed to avoid any fatalities to Cell Skarn however, and the beast was banished.

Reeling from the sudden loss of Yasu, Corvus resolved himself and returned to the task at hand. Once again consulting his tracker, disaster struck as for a second time, the cursed device attracted the attentions of yet another Warp Beast! appearing this time behind Hebdon and moving in for the kill. The rest of Cell Iga this time moved in to support their comrade, successfully driving the creature off before it could take another life. 

A Warp Beast stalks up behind Hebdon, but his comrades help drive the beast back into the Immaterium!

The next few turns were uneventful, both Corvus and Ebon regrouped and continued to investigate the abandoned sector of the Hive.

Suddenly, Corvus' tracker gave him the result they were desperately searching for, the Alpha's location was revealed. Flanked by two mysterious Bounty Hunters who were escorting him. Corvus immediately moved Cell Iga toward the location of the Alpha and proceeded to quickly dispatch the Bounty Hunters who would deny him the Psyker. Iga managed to take both Bounty Hunters single handed, dishing out a total of 8 wounds!

Iga confronts, and kills the Bounty Hunters escorting the Alpha.

Cell Skarn realizes that the Alpha has been located.

Alerted to the sudden appearance of the Alpha, Ebon moved his cell toward the target, looking to steal him away from Cell Iga. What followed was an impromptu dialogue between the two Inquisitors as they questioned each others loyalties and motives. The dialogue ended as abruptly as it started when Ebon launched an attack with Cell Skarn. 

Skarn managed to wound Hanzo, who was escorting the Alpha. Suddenly the Alpha went into spasm as his brain reacted to the sudden shock, inadvertently he teleported both himself and Hanzo back toward the landing pad. Slab fired at Nasu with his augmented Plasma Cannon, wounding him 3 times with the volley!

Incensed at this sudden attack, Corvus moved Hebdon, Nasu and Iga forward to retaliate. Hebdon managed to wound Lorexia but the rest of the attacks failed to cause any damage. Corvus then issued a challenge, Iga would fight Lorexia in an honor duel, the victor would take the prize. Ebon gladly accepted and sent forward his champion, for the honor of the cell.

Iga and Lorexia duel for the prize of the Psyker.

What followed was a brutal back and forth, despite Iga's size and prowess he only managed to cause 1 wound. Lorexia on the other hand managed to chip away, turn by turn she bled Iga, eventually killing him and maintaining the honour of the cell.

Iga, defeated and mortally wounded.

With Iga now dead, Corvus kept his word and his cell retreated to heal their wounds, leaving Ebon victorious and in control of the Alpha!

Conclusion: All in all, the first game went well. Both players rolled on the injury table to decide the fate of any downed members. Unfortunately for Corvus, his cell leader, Iga, died as a result of his wounds. 


  1. That battle report was a lot of fun. It sounds like you gave your players enough to do to keep things interesting. The terrain looks smashing. The colours and textures provide a lovely muted background for the conflict. The Spacecraft looks great in the setting .

    1. Thanks, it was a lot of fun to do, hopefully the next two will be just as entertaining.


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