The Alpha - A Mini Inquisimunda Campaign - Game 2

Following on from game one, which can be found here, I have compiled a report of games 2.

After successfully securing The Alpha, Cell Skarn retreat to their safe house to plan the next move. Hive Volantis is a dangerous place, even more so when you have something that everybody wants.

Game 2

The second mission of the campaign is all about preparation, the sector must be secured in order for Cell Skarn to refuel their lander and move The Alpha off planet. Its time for an exfil strategy.

Each cell was given a secret objective that must be completed at all costs. (The objectives were purposefully located close to each other to provoke conflict between the two gangs)

Attacker Objective - To destroy the generator complex (x3) in order to disable comms and security systems. If the objective is met, the Cell receives a bonus in the final game. (In order to destroy the generators, a single ganger must engage it in CC. The generator has a toughness value and armour save)

Defender Objective - To repair the comms relay systems. If the objective is met, the cell receives a bonus in the final game. (In order to repair the uplink, a ganger must spend a full turn in base contact without being attacked)

Corvus won the roll for initiative and took the first turn, quickly moving Cell Iga toward the objective.

Juno and Yasu head toward the objective zone.

Ebon, unsure of Corvus objective, concentrated on moving his cell toward his own.

Cell Skarn deploys.

Corvus managed to reach the first of his objectives quickly and set about disabling the first generator (Ebon immediately guessed his opponents objective at this point). Yasu engaged the first generator and destroyed it.

Hebdon and Junko stalk forward, toward the objective.

Skarn, Nebo and Divinicus move in to engage Cell Iga.

Ebon move Cell Skarn forward, placing Lorexia forward in an attempt to disrupt Cell Iga's activities. Corvus ignored the imediate threat and moved Yasu to the second genrator, ready to destroy it. Ebon ignored his objective at this point and engaged the enemy.

Ignoring the threat of Lorexia, Yasu pursues the second generator.

Dvinicus and Nebo had moved up toward the rear of the generators, Divinicus fired his Rad Cleanser at Yasu. Yasu went down but the resultant blast from the cleanser also took out the second generator, leaving just one left.

Corvus moved Hebdon and Junko forward and opened fire on Lorexia, failing to wound but managing to pin her at least for now. Nasu and Hanzo moved forward from the other side of the watch tower.

Ebon saw his opportunity and opened fire with Nebo, managing to pin Hanzo but failing to wound. He put Divinicus to work and let loose with the Rad Cleanser, hoping to down Hebdon and force a bottle check, this as it turns out, was a massive error! Failing to hit and being forced to roll scatter for his template weapon, Divinicus managed to hit himself and Nebo with the tempremental device. Divinicus failed his armour save and took himself out of action, Nebo also failed his armour save (And being stood on a ledge) also failed his fall check. Nebo slammed to the ground in the pit beside him and caused another unsaved wound, downing him. With 2 fighters down by his own weapons, Ebon forced a bottle check on himself...... and Failed! Game over man, game over.

The aftermath of Divinicus' Rad Cleanser misfire!


Cell Skarn fled back to their safe house to consider their next move. Cell Iga completed their sabotage of the generator complex and secured their bonus fr the next round. This was a much faster game than the second, but much more tense. Both sides engaged but it was Ebons appetite for template weapons that lead to his undoing. Game 3 would decide the overall victor of the campaign, stay tuned for th final installment.


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