Gearing up for 8th

Most of my gaming direction over the past couple of years has been pointed squarely at Inquisimunda. I tried a couple of times to get back into 40k proper but always found the myriad special rules and codices to be very overwhelming. With the recent campaign of the Warhammer blog team over the past few weeks, they have got me suckered back in. The promise of all (or most) of a units rules and weapon profiles in its unit entry, the single faction index books and the much simpler gameplay, I'm in! I'll be preordering this weekend and getting some sort of army in motion.

That army will be..... drum roll.... Daemons of Khorne!

Leading my host as a daemon prince will be Samus. I'm going to pick up the Khorne starter box along with the ore order. The good thing about playing daemons is that I can also use them in the odd Inquisimunda campaign too.

Stay tuned.


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