'Mad Rachael' Underhive Enforcer

I finally found time to get my female enforcer conversion painted up.

'Mad Rachael' Underhive Enforcer

Growing up in the sumps of Volantis an orphan, Rachael drifted for a time. Going from township to township (As the settlements in the sump wastes were know) she would explore and scavenge, selling her finds in the sectors travelling archeo markets. The archeo markets would buy up all the scrap tech and curios salvaged from the wastes and trade them upspire for a profit. Living this kind of life meant that conflict came often, as competing salvagers tried to snatch her goods.

Eventually she would leave the salvage life behind, each time she had to defend her stash, she began to enjoy the violence more and started to sell her skills instead. Being a mercenary for hire or an enforcer for the local gangs paid better throne anyway. Rachael started to gain a certain notoriety, the kind of gossip between friends over a cloudy jug of Rotgut, rumours about mutilation and unnecessary force. People really started talking when her victims started turning up with missing body parts, whispers about ear necklaces and such, that's when people started calling her 'Mad Rachael' (Just don't use that name to her face, you might lose an ear!)

'Mad Rachael' - Enforcer for hire


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