The Alpha - A Mini Inquisimunda Campaign - Game 3 and Conclusion

This is the last in a 3 part report revolving around a mini Inquisimunda campaign between Corvus & Ebon Hammer from the bunker, GM'd by myself.

A snazzy video compilation of the campaign

The final installment centers around the defending cell holding the Alpha (Skarn's cell in this instance), Preparing to deliver the Alpha back to their master. The defender would be set up in the center of the table and have to hold off the attacking forces long enough to prepare the lander and depart the decrepit hive.

Both cells were deployed, Ebon in the center and Corvus deploying to the edge of the landing pad.

As Skarn's forces arrayed in a protective ring around the Alpha, a thumping metallic clank could be heard, gradullay moving closer.

Corvus started to move Cell Iga into a strong position, with the intention of snatching the Alpha from under Ebon's nose.

 Hanzo & Yasu stalk into position

Cell Skarn stood their ground, in anticipation of the impending attack. A showdy form hove into view, from the opposite side of the landing pad. Bursting from the shadows, Patriarch Bragi, of the House Stuhn stood, indomitable and looking for blood.

Skarn & Bragi's heated exchange

A heated exchange erupted between Skarn and Bragi, it seems that Ebon's cell had taken someone elses property. After a brief to and fro, something about who had more skulls than the other and who would be adding who's skull to their pile, Slab lost his patience and let rip with his rapid fire Plasma Cannon!

The whote ball of Plasma found its target and erupted around Bragi, destroying him utterly in one fell hit (Not exactly how the GM had planned it!)

Slab downs Bragi! (And himself apparantly!)

Content to sit and watch Skarn and Bragi's henchmen destroy each other, Corvus held Cell Iga back and awaited the outcome.

Hebdon & Junko grab some popcorn and enjoy the bloodbath!

Bragi's henchmen returned fire, managing to down Nebo with a grenade. The bezerker brute with the two handed chain axe launched forwards in an attempt to close ground. At this perceived challenge, Lorexia immediately sprinted forward to meet the mad man, with a bloody exchange ensuing.

The bezerker charges forward

Unfortunately for the bezerker, Lorexia proved to be the more skilled opponent and reduced him to a pile of mushy goo on the floor. Somewhere along the line, Slab managed to misfire his Plasma Cannon and down himself.

Lorexia answers the challenge!

After dealing with Bragi's henchmen, Skarn and Iga's Cell opened a dialogue. Not wishing to be encumbered any further, Skarn decided he no longer needed his prize and negotiated a trade with his radical counterparts.

Not wishing his hard work to be undone and an easy victory given to Corvus, the GM made him start rolling on the d20 Warp Table. Unfortunatley, other than a few random teleports, Corvus managed to avoid any serious damage and escaped the table with his prize.

And thus ends the opening saga of The Volantis Chronicles. I am itching to get another campaign written up (I have even started basing my NPC miniatures in early perpetration, more on those later) WIth the new Warp Tear in the Grim Dark Galaxy of Warhammer 40,000... I can feel some interesting story lines brewing.

If you want to check out game 1, click here, or for game 2, click here


  1. What a great little campaign!
    I've really enjoyed this, the story was entertaining and the table looks lush.
    Would it be possible to enlarge the pictures a bit in the main post? I find clicking on the pictures to enlarge them spoils the flow of the story slightly......just a suggestion.
    Thanks for sharing with us, it's all very inspiring and gives me the incentive I need to continue with my own project.

    1. Thanks Castigator. I cant increase the image size unfortunately, when I add them they just auto size to how they are. I can remove the light box so that when you click on them they open in a new window, in a full size format. If you know how to increase image size in blogger, let me know as I would love to make them bigger in post.

    2. I use blogger (Simple Theme), I just click on the image and it gives me options for the photo (Small, Medium, Large, XL, original size, Add Caption, Left, Centre, Right, Delete). I use XL as that increases the size to fit with the width of the page.
      I'm not sure which Blogger skin you are using though so it might be different though.

    3. Obviously you need to go into edit post first ;-)

    4. Ok, I think I have that sussed. I'll remember that in future. the picture size always bugged me. Thanks for the heads up.

    5. Happy to help ;-)
      That looks so much better.


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