Hive Volantis Agri Quarter - Board Tile Finished

I'm calling the Agri quarter finished for now. I will probably come back to it at a later date and add a few more embellishments (I'm running low on junk bits)

I'm happy with the addition of the vegetation to my somewhat 'grey' scenery boards, so much that I am going back over the previous boards and adding some new pieces. I'm not just going to add vegetation to the previous boards but I am also going to add some line of sight blockers as well, the one failing I have noticed during game-play is that they are very open in the center.

I have included a few pictures at the bottom of one of the 'upgraded' board sections, the gate. The primary reason for upgrading this one first is that the Agri quarter is designed to marry up to this piece.


The 'Agri' Domes, designed to protect and nurture the precious trees. A relic STC pattern

Plenty of cover opportunity should make for some vicious close quarters firefights!

 A before and after comparison of the first of the upgraded sections.

The Gate Board was very open, I added some additional pieces which will make it easier to move around without being gunned down from the other side of the table.

A skew wiffy shot of it after painting, I also added some more vegetation as I think it makes the board much more interesting! All of the board sections will get this treatment.


  1. The foliage really helps to break up the sea of grey and gives the impression that life still clings to your world.....great work.

    1. Thanks, although I must admit there is a possibility I may go overboard with the vegetation! 😂


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