Ordo Chronos - The beginning

I have started a new warband, huzzah!

For some time now (See what I did there) I have wanted to explore the Ordo Chronos, very enigmatic and obscure providing plenty of scope for artistic licence. The very idea of an Ordo which monitors the passage of time during warp travel gives so many opportunities.

The two fellows below are very WIP, this is the basic structure of the two. I am going to be adding more detail via green stuff and plenty of trinckets, mixing old and new. The plan for the warband is to make it around 6 strong including the inquisitor.

I chose to mix the smash helmets (Sicarian Ruststalker heads) with the lower half of a scion helmet. The apparatus in the smash helmets is said to contain all manner of chronological measuring and viewing devices, better enabling the inquisitor and his henchmen and women to study and manipulate time itself. I see them as being gear heavy and prepared for any situation, past or present.

More detail,in the background has already been added, we just need the Inquisitor to reappear in the current timeline before it can be shared, for now:


  1. Excellent! Looking forward to seeing more of the Ordo Chronos warband come together. Surely you'll need to build a grimdark TARDIS, right? :D

    1. That's definitely an idea to consider! 😁

    2. These look fantastic. I have an imagine of an inquisitor just surrounded by clocks of all sorts, big small, all types.

      So many possibilities! Look forward to seeing where you end up

    3. Thanks Eric! I'm currently trying to work out how to make a few hour glasses, the round clocks should be easy.


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