Samus, Harbinger of The Ruinstorm

After a couple of weeks work, I finished Samus! This model was a bit of a journey and one of the biggest I have done in a long while, but I learnt some new techniques and I think I got a result I'm very happy with.

The bulk of the hours were spent on the skin, I knew I wanted a sinewy look to the muscle so I thought outside the box a little and settled for painting individual lines of sinew. I think I achieved the look I wanted, especially as a he detail is not sculpted in.

I hope you guys like him, he marks the start of a new 8th edition army so watch out for updates.

Do you even lift brah!

Daemon butt!

I wanted his 'Murder Sword' to be old and marked, well used!

You wouldn't want to be facing this down, the sculpt is extremely dynamic!

Samus and some Alpha Legion buddies.

I ordered some desert shrubs from Ebay. You get a boat load for just £7!


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