Making your own Weathering Pigments

I was browsing weathering mediums, looking at different pigments and powders for future projects and I stumbled across an eBay seller selling, well, pigment! It dawned on me that in the early years of modelling, most modellers used artists materials to do most of their work anyway and so I decided to buy a couple of different 100g bags to see if the colours would be usable.

This is less than half a bag in a jar, compared to a pot of commercially available weathering pigments.

My bags of pigment have arrived and I am quite pleased that I took the punt, they are definitely what I was hoping for. I purchased a yellow oxide, red oxide, raw sienna and burnt sienna as these seemed the most usable at this stage. I also decided to drop by The Range and pick up some jars, at £1 each they were perfect.

The next step now that I have bottled them will be to do some mixing experiments to try and match some of the more common commercially available pigments. At £8 I think I did quite well, there is about half a bag of each pigment left after bottling them up so I should have a fairly long lasting supply here. I'll do another post when I get round to trying my hand at some mixology.

I may be late to the party here but If you use weathering powders regularly, I would strongly suggest looking into bulk pigments if you don't already.


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