The Ash Wastes of Volantis Prime

so, I started yet more terrain instead of finishing models!

For years I have been basing my miniatures in a desert scheme but when it came to terrain, I made industrial/urban terrain, go figure. I decided to change that and finally get some sand on the table.

I used the last of my remaining polystyrene packing sheets and put together four sections. Each section was basecoated with a sand/filler/pva slurry and then painted over with yellow ochre. I have given it a burnt umber brown wash and next up will be the fun part, weathering and foliage! I'm going to use my new pigment powders to make a suitable arid dust (hopefully) and filling the craters with some sort of toxic liquid.
The Ash Wastes of Volantis. I like the colour at the moment and could leave it here but I want to push it and add that extra level.

I wanted to be able to mix this terrain with my Hive Volantis terrain as well so I have also started on two joining sections. Each is a terrace accessible by a stairway, the bottom section will be based in the ash wastes sand scheme and the top/walls in the underhive rockcrete grey of Volantis. I also took the opportunity to add some sewer type openings (one of them appears to have had something 'escape' which will be clearer with paint)

Look for another post in the next couple of weeks when it's finished. (Next weekend will be busy but also includes a trip to Mecca, or its official name, Warhammer World!)

How the terraces will look. I'm really digging these at the moment.

An early WIP showing how the terraces will marry up to the Hive sections


  1. Nice! Those are looking sharp, good stuff man!

    1. Thanks! Looking forward to getting them finished and having a few games 👍🏼

  2. Those terraces look pretty cool, and are a nice way to break up line of sight without adding more clutter (not that more clutter is bad!)

    1. Thanks, I'm thinking of piling a little bit of clutter against parts of the walls, just to give it that authentic rundown hive look.


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