Alpha Legion, Land Raider Achilles Alpha

More progress! I built up and finished the Land Raider Achilles Alpha that I picked up in the new year. The kit was really straightforward to put together and I had no real fitment issues either, WIN!

I love the look of the Achilles, it's a beast. Front end just means business and I see it being a bullet magnet on the table, good job it has the stats to match it's looks. I used the opportunity of some large flat surfaces to use a few more of the larger/more elaborate transfers on the FW sheet. I decided on a less is more approach again as I feel that too much would have ruined the militaristic/operator style I want to keep for this legion. I also realized that at the time of taking these pictures, I had forgotten the pintle mounted storm bolter. That has since been added to the tank.

As it's a vehicle, I also used the opportunity to have another crack at oil/grunge washes and I also broke out the pigments and some AK to add a little extra flair. Hopefully the techniques were successful (In that I mean didn't ruin the used look I wanted)

I hope you enjoy it.


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