Alpha Legion Lernaean Terminator Squad

I completed my Larnaean Terminator squad a short while ago, literally a couple of days after finishing them, FW dropped the pictures of the official models due to drop very soon. Either way, these were a very easy kit bash and I think they will do just fine for now, and I am sure they will mix in fine when I get the shiny new ones!

The build was simple, the Calth cataphractii bodies with FW Alpha Legion shoulder pads and legion Volkite Charger Pistol hands. For the painting, I went with a very simple scheme to match the rest of the legion as I don't personally see much flourish with Alpha's. To me they are very operator in their nature, everything has a purpose and if not, it is useless to them. I only see the main characters as having any real embellishments.

Few WIP shots, again they painted up quick!


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