Armillus Dynat - The Harrow Master of The Alpha Legion

Everything has been Heresy lately, this post (And the next few for a while) is no different. I will get back to Inq28 & Necromunda a little later this year but for now the focus is on The Alpha Legion.

At the beginning of the year I joined in with Hobbyvice's 'Hobby Resolution 2018'. The premise for this is simple, set out your hobby goal(s) for the year in an effort to give yourself more direction and motivation. My main resolution is to get gaming in 30k.

After completing quite a number of infantry, I decided to reward myself by getting Dynat painted up. I found this a very quick miniature to paint and absolutely loved the process. The sculpt is fantastic and has a lot of detail which can be missed unless viewing him close up, whoever sculpted him at FW needs a hobby high five!

Until Alpharius drops later this year, I will be using Dynat as my force leader.

Some of the few WIP shots I took, I got too involved in painting to remember to take many!


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