Knight Questoris Detatchment

I decided that I wanted some heavy support for my Legion, rather than go for the usual big tanks, I decided to add some variety with some WAAC knights. I picked up two of the plastic knight kits from GW to start things off. I plan to add some FW knights later on.

I took quite some time when deciding how to paint these two. Originally I had settled on House Malinax as I love the heraldry of the tri-tailed scorpion. Whilst waiting for the transfers to arrive however, I suffered a small case of fickleness and jumped ship to another house.

I started thinking about titan legions and whether they would use retained knights. Apparently it turns out, this is quite common. I started looking for any legions which had affiliations with the Alpha Legion, I stumbled upon Legion Fureans. Now the background of this legion is awesome (I won't bore you with the details, but check the Wiki) - After looking at the iconography and seeing that FW also sell a Fureans transfer sheet, I was sold. I also love the original name, The Tiger Eye's.

These guy's are currently a WIP, I will update on progress as they move forward.

I wanted a more considered pose, as if surveying the field or beckoning an opponent closer. The pose was somewhat inspired by McVey's Horus in his iconic diorama.

So much metal! Going for an iron feel to the mechanics. A dark contrast to the yellow.

Painting in parts to make life easier.

The initial base of Averland Sunset. I plan on a warm yellow, I am really not a fan of bright yellow's. These guy's will also get an oil wash, a brown should warm things up further.


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