Simple Chequer Patter Painting Tutorial

I wanted to add some variety to the armour panels on the Questoris Knights. Looking at a few different ways to do this, I settled on a chequer pattern for the scion's machine. These sorts of patterns are very time consuming to do (Well, to do neatly anyway!) There are a few different ways of doing things but I decided that I just don't have the time to meticulously paint each individual square.

Searching Ebay for stencils, I came across nail art stencils. These stencils are general too large for small miniatures, but for vehicles and knights they seem to be a perfect size. The pack I chose was less than £2 and delivered quickly.

The first job was to cut up the stencils and apply them to the armour panels in the area's I wanted the pattern, then just a case of masking off the other area's. This process took about 15 minutes in total (Although the stencils are very tacky and get stuck to fingers easily if you are not careful!).

Once masked, it was a simple case of using a Chaos Black spray (Or whatever colour you choose).

The last part is probably the most consuming, it took around 20 minutes, and that was to carefully  peel the stencil from the armour panel. As you can see, I didn't do a perfect job but the knights will be heavily weathered anyway so these should work to my benefit once everything is together.


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